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30 Sep 2016 In Lifestyle

A dazzling “Vue” of East Perth

A unique display of luminous art will provide a striking façade to the podium of Finbar’s Vue Tower and crowning the 35th floor with a glowing blue halo, lighting up the east end of Adelaide Terrace in East Perth, delighting residents and passers by.


Vue Tower will be the first residential building in Perth to have a façade light work, When asked to explain why Finbar took such an innovative step with Vue Tower, Finbar’s Chief Operating Officer Ronald Chan said: “We wanted to reflect the dynamic design and local area in a way that would represent the creativity and energy of future residents. We don’t just build four walls for people to live in, we create vertical communities that are alive with vibrancy, so close to the excitement of the CBD yet providing a peaceful haven at the end of the working day.”

Finbar engaged Ramus Illumination, a world-renowned design firm specialising in large scale light art installations, to create a dazzling luminous façade to the Vue Tower podium establishing Vue Tower as a landmark East Perth development and acting as an impressive entry statement to the City of Perth from the east.

“Our brief was to develop a light solution that would bring creative and artistic expression to Vue Tower and whilst doing so bring the podium’s façade to life,” said Bruce Ramus, Founder and Creative Director, Ramus Illumination.

Commenting on the inspiration for the design, Ramus said: “In designing this piece our aim was to enhance the building’s architectural design and materiality. When we examined the various architectural elements of the building, the parts of the building that needed to be articulated quickly became evident. We also drew inspiration from the natural environment, using a dry, cracked riverbed resulting from a hot WA summer as a visual reference for the lines of light which are a primary design feature.”

The light work will comprise of three separate elements incorporated into the building, interconnecting to produce a stunning and dynamic result. The lines of light, or “blades”, run vertically across the façade and are backed by up-lit diffused horizontal glass screens and are punctuated by a sculptural, inverted ‘L’ that defines the architecture whilst creating a striking lighting element.

The “blades” will be lit on the inside edge of one side only creating a two-tone effect and resulting in the light work appearing quite different depending on which angle it is viewed from.

The artwork integrates light with form bringing the piece to life through a series of interactive elements reacting to the motion of passing pedestrians.

Three thermal cameras will be mounted along an awning overlooking the pedestrian path from above. The cameras will feed abstract images to a control computer that reflects the rhythm of the pedestrian traffic through and around the space and generates or influences the dynamic content for the facade.

According to Ramus, “Observers will see a building that reacts to the pace and pulse of life in the city.

“The energy and density of visualisations will react to the speed and quantity of people on the pavement below. During peak hour with a lot of passing pedestrians, the lighting will be more dynamic while later in the evening with less foot traffic below, movements will become slower and subtler.

“Our hope is that this light work will be embraced and appreciated as a living piece of art, moving and changing with the energy and flow of the city and its people,” said Ramus.

The light work will be made up of nodes of 4000 LED bulbs set with a 80mm pitch across the façade. With each bulb producing a tiny 1-watt of power, the light work will be incredibly energy efficient. As a whole it will only produce around the same amount of power as an old fashioned bar heater.

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